Wayne State University


  • Fulbright-Nokia Fellowship Award, January – May 2009. Invited by the University of Oulu’s (Finland) Center for Wireless Communications (CWC) to conduct research in wireless networking.
  • NASA/ASEE Summer Research Faculty Fellowship, (May–Aug 2003 and May–Aug 2004) Johnson Space Center– Texas A&M University. Project focused on network capacity planning.
  • NASA/ASEE Summer Research Faculty Fellowship, (June–August 1999) Ames Research Center – Stanford University. Project focused on wireless local area networks on the International Space Station.
  • US Navy/ASEE Summer Research Faculty Fellowship, (May–July 1998) U. S. NAVY Space and Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR). Network Technology Branch. Project focused on performance testing procedures of traffic management implementations of different ATM switch vendors.
  • CHRYSLER Corporation Summer Faculty Research Program, (May–July 1997) Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Chrysler Corporation. Project focused on establishing code base problems prior to migration on the Greco DNC system.
  • NASA/ASEE Summer Research Faculty Fellowship, (May-July 1995, and May-July 1996) Jet Propulsion Laboratories, California Institute of Technology. Project focused on ATM networking modeling and performance analysis and Deep Space Network (DSN) advanced network planning.
  • NASA/ASEE Summer Research Faculty Fellowship, (May–July 1993 and May-July 1994) NASA-Lewis Research Center – Case Western Reserve University. Project focused on the network performance of workstations on the IBM Lewis Advanced Cluster Environment